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LG mobile repair

LG mobile repair service center is located in the city of Pune. It has become a big hit with mobile phone users all over the country due to several good services it provides at affordable prices. The centre provides efficient services for various major defects like battery, screen, speaker and camera. The LG mobile repair service center at HSR Layout claims to have the best battery replacement and screen replacement services in the country. The services offered by the LG service center in HSR Layout include home visit, in-house repair, day and night service, and make free exchange and shipment.

For LG battery replacement or LG mobile battery repair, the users can simply visit our center and get the required amount repaired on the spot. The repaired units will be sent to you in few hours time. The LG battery products of the company are manufactured to fulfill the high expectations of its customers and hence the products easily withstand the wear and tear due to continuous usage.

In-house LG service centers have skilled technicians who use high quality equipment to provide the desired services. The repairing process of LG screen and the speaker is also covered under the warranty provided by LG. The LG mobile repair service center at HSR Layout offers different types of services to its customers. If you have damaged your LG screen or speaker then you can get it replaced within 24 hours of purchase. The screen replacement facility of the company makes it possible for the users to replace the screen of their mobile phone without paying a penny.

Our Services

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Screen broken or touch issues

Your phone’s screen is broken? Touch is not working? We are here to help.

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Back glass broken

Get your back panel fixed with us at your convenience.

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Water or liquid damage

we transform your device from dead to good functioning.

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We take care of battery issues and also do replacement.

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Front or rear camera

If your phone ends up with blurry, shaken pictures we repair it with the help of our team instantly.

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Not charging

Your smartphone’s charging issues fixed with the trained professional in Bangalore.

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Speaker or Microphone Replacement

Have a problem with your speaker or microphone. Reach us to get it repaired.

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Not Turning On

Your smartphone is refusing to turn on? We are here to help you with your reach at any time.

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Motherboard Repair

We understand the importance of logic boards. We handle it with extreme knowledge and professionalism.

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Home Button or Touch ID

Have trouble with the home button or fingerprint? We are here at your reach to help you.

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Bluetooth or Wifi not working

Let your connection uninterrupted.

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Power or Volume Button not working

Your power or volume button stopped responding? Let us check and fix it.

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Software & OS issue

Finding it difficult to work with the software? Call us instantly.

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Your smart phone is behaving weirdly? We help you to understand the problem with our complete diagnosis.